Manufactured in Taiwan, guaranteed quality:

Established in 1983, Shin Dah Beauty Ware Corporation has been deeply rooted in Taiwan.
We have dedicated in manufacturing and selling hair salon equipment. Shin Dah has insisted
on adopting the best raw material. We have years of experience in manufacturing chairs.
Our factory located in Xizhi possesses exquisite skills and a complete production line for
chair production.We never outsource products, and we insist on manufacturing every
chair with our own techniques, from metal welding, steel processing, leather cutting
and sewing, leather fitting, and, finally, assembling, testing, packaging, and
delivery. Therefore, we guarantee that our chairs could easily outperform
those that are outsourced to typical assembling factory or those that
are assembled by cheap, imported components. This is our secret
of top MIT quality.
Because of Shin Dah’s persistent insistence
and self-demands, we are praised and acknowledged by
renowned clients in the hair salon business in Taiwan
as well in foreign countries.

Continuous pursuit of product research,
development, and design:

The first priority insisted on by Shin Dah has always been the self-demand of high quality and innovative design. We believe that, in addition to comfort, the design of the appearance of a chair has the same influence on the quality and professionalism concerning interior and spatial design.

To provide a more diverse selection, Shin Dah Beauty Ware Corporation has been developing and launching the EVO Evolution Series chairs in recent years. We select a kind special kind of foam to provide optimal ergonomics, comfort, and duration. Moreover, we have spent countless hours in strengthening component structures. In terms of appearance, we value the detail of stitches and adopt the finest leather and material. To create excellent chairs and provide customers with a more diverse selection, we continue to put a great amount of time and effort into this business. In addition, traces of our persistence can be observed in the EVO Evolution Series of shampoo chairs.

These chairs offer outstanding ergonomic comfort, and the bases of them are stable enough and do not require additional fixtures to maintain chair stability.

Sustainable management,
complete after-sales service

Aiming to achieve sustainable management, Shin Dah prioritizes
quality. All our shampoo chairs are approved by national examinations
and have specific patent number and certifications. Another of our focuses
is satisfying after-sales services. For years Shin Dah has won the support of
loyal clients by our efficient repair speed and good services. In the future,
we will continue to provide the clients with products of good quality and
low prices, and we will always be customer-oriented, doing everything
we can to satisfy the customers.

Salon decoration consulting services:

Shin Da cooperates with interior design companies to provide professional salon decoration services. These design companies have years of experience in professional salon decoration design. Therefore, we understand the spatial requirements and the important elements in customer route design. Should you need services of decoration design, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer professional consulting services according to your budgets and requirements.

Customized services:

The chairs manufactured by Shin Dah do not have a fixed set of colors. The leather colors of all chairs are selected by the clients before production. Shin Dah provides an assortment of textures, colors, and patterns for the clients to choose from. In other words, all salons could be customized with chairs that match the decoration styles. Be it decoration designs of modern cold colors or professional warm colors, you can choose from a variety of corresponding leather colors. The leather customization service we provide could integrate your equipment into the decoration spaces, creating a unique and special salon style.